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Theo Katzman – “Every Few Days” Live from Good Hertz

From the living room:


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Fidelia + FHX = Headphone Awesomeness

Audiofile Engineering just updated their popular Mac OS audio player, Fidelia, which can play FLAC and other hi-res music formats natively.



It now includes FHX, a headphone listening processor add-on that I was fortunate enough to be able design in collaboration with Audiofile. More info and free demo available here.


Some of my favorite things about Fidelia + FHX:

  • Music has never sounded this good on headphones — more natural, less fatiguing, better soundstage.
  • FHX adds some essential monitoring controls (mono, phase, swap L/R, solo L/R) that I used to need a $3000 analog monitor controller for.
  • Approving mixes/masters for musicians on the road just got easier. Artists can check out mixes in Fidelia and trust the sound quality. FHX lets them hear the soundstage more naturally on headphones — much closer to an ideal pair of studio monitors.
  • Download hi-res FLAC music, enjoy… no converting needed.
  • Seamless iZotope SRC and dither integration when you need it.

    s/he – U and I [Single]

    Hot off the mastering deck.

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    Hannah Winkler – Hide It Away [Single]

    Such a beautiful track. Recorded in a living room in Brooklyn, mixed at my place in Ann Arbor.

    Also on iTunes.

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    Anna Ash – Heartbreak Season [Single]

    UPDATE: Whole album is out now!

    New single from Anna Ash’s upcoming LP ‘These Holy Days’ available on iTunes.

    Lots recorded here @ Good Hertz with Jake Merkin. Mastered by me.

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