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CanOpener: A better music app for iOS

New music app for iOS I’ve been building with Rob Stenson. If you’d like to preview the app and provide some feedback, sign up for the beta: CanOpener Beta


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Fidelia + FHX = Headphone Awesomeness

Audiofile Engineering just updated their popular Mac OS audio player, Fidelia, which can play FLAC and other hi-res music formats natively.



It now includes FHX, a headphone listening processor add-on that I was fortunate enough to be able design in collaboration with Audiofile. More info and free demo available here.


Some of my favorite things about Fidelia + FHX:

  • Music has never sounded this good on headphones — more natural, less fatiguing, better soundstage.
  • FHX adds some essential monitoring controls (mono, phase, swap L/R, solo L/R) that I used to need a $3000 analog monitor controller for.
  • Approving mixes/masters for musicians on the road just got easier. Artists can check out mixes in Fidelia and trust the sound quality. FHX lets them hear the soundstage more naturally on headphones — much closer to an ideal pair of studio monitors.
  • Download hi-res FLAC music, enjoy… no converting needed.
  • Seamless iZotope SRC and dither integration when you need it.

    Free_Elastic: Independent Pitch/Speed Control in Max

    Recently an article on the Create Digital Music blog featured “elastic~”, an object which allows independent pitch/speed control of samples within Max 5. The object sells for $20GBP, despite the fact that similar functionality can be achieved with Max-only objects.

    So I took 15 minutes and made a simple patch and video demonstrating what I’m calling “Free_Elastic”. This Max patch uses FFT pitch shifting and is based on the standard groove~ object.  It allows for much more control and customization (fft size, overlap, etc.) than “elastic~” does, and it’s FREE!

    Music = Don’t Stop – Scott Tolinski

    Download the patches here.

    Update: I’ll try to get up a Max 4 version of the patch soon and perhaps an update that includes granular-based stretching and pitch-shifting if people are interested.