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CanOpener: A better music app for iOS

New music app for iOS I’ve been building with Rob Stenson. If you’d like to preview the app and provide some feedback, sign up for the beta: CanOpener Beta


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  1. Bert Dalusung July 27th, 2014 8:28 am

    I’ve been using CanOpener with the HiFi pack on my iPhone 5S 64GB.

    Good sound quality but a few more improvements can make it a much better app for me.

    1. I wanted to add over 30GB music files of various formats in their own folders. Apps such as Golden Ear and Capricio allow this. CanOpener can’t recognize the files within their folders and I had to individually load the files into the app via iTunes–very cumbersome.

    2. No ability to make playlists within the app.

    3. May I request for support for DUNU DN-2000 iem.


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